A Travel Diary App

I played with the idea of creating an auto-checkin functionality by connecting together services and APIs that are publicly and freely available on the Internet with very little coding.
Built with IFTTT, Mailgun and Contentful.

April 2015

Lots of people write blog posts about their trips around the world, where they describe the amazing places they have seen, the food they ate and the people they have met. Many travelers create photo albums on Flickr, post articles on Medium, or simply have a series of check-ins on Facebook to make their friends jealous.

Unfortunately, writing a blog post, taking the perfect photo or checking-in on Facebook is often more of a distraction than anything else.

For this reason I have been thinking for a while about building a tool that would do all of this for you. You walk around, visit a place, enjoy the experience, and there will be someone else that will take care of building some sort of travel diary for you.

Read more on Medium and look at the code on Github.