TOMS in stock

Checks TOMS website for shoes availability.

June 2016

In the last couple of weeks I have been trying to buy a pair of TOMS shoes, but the ones I want are not available in my size. They were available again for a few hours, and then they disappeared while I was trying to buy them.

I thought I'd automate the process of checking when they become available again, so here is a convenient node module to do so.

toms-in-stock is a command line tool that fetches the content of TOMS' website (several countries are supported), parses the HTML of the page to verify whether the given size exists and is available and returns the result.


$ npm install -g toms-in-stock
$ toms-in-stock --help
Usage: toms-in-stock <slug> [-c "country"] [-s "size"]

  slug  Slug of the webpage for the shoe model to check

  -c, --country  Set the country where you want to buy the shoes 
                 [choices: "germany", "us", "canada", "uk",
                 "netherlands", "france"] [default: "germany"]
  -s, --size     Set the size you need  [default: "44"]
  --help         Show help  [boolean]

    toms-in-stock navy-linen-rope-sole-mens-classics -c germany -s 44
    Checks if Navy Linen Rope Men's Classics are available in Germany in size 44


All the code is available on Github at mmarcon/toms-in-stock.